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Raftelis Graphic Design

Featured here is some of the work I did while working on the Creative Services Team at Raftelis.


2022 Loveland Water Quality Report

This is a report done for Loveland Water and Power, a utility organization based in Loveland, Colorado. Using the 2021 iteration of the report as starting point, I re-designed and updated it to reflect data from 2022.

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Recruitment Materials

While at Raftelis, I was given the job of designing recruitment materials for our clients whenever they had a job opening. This included a brochure describing the position as well as social media graphics and ads to promote the position.

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Charleston, NC Employee Survey

Flyer made for city government in Charleston NC. It was posted in common areas and Recreation Complexes across the city to promote participation in a workforce demographic survey.

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2023 Retreat Nametags

Nametags designed for the 2023 Raftelis Retreat to Cincinnati, Ohio. Nametags were worn by over 170 employees throughout the 3 day retreat.

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2022 Holiday
Greeting Cards

Holiday cards designed for the 2022 holiday season. Over 500 cards were sent to consultants who in turn sent them to clients and business partners.

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2023 Anniversary Card

Anniversary card made for employees celebrating a 1, 5, or 10-year anniversary with Raftelis in the year 2023.

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Email/LinkedIn Banners

An assortment of banners that were created to promote learning sessions or other important events at Raftelis. Would appear within emails sent out to the entire company and as Banners on Employee LinkedIn Accounts.

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